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Michael Jørgensen

Michael Jørgensen

Michael Jørgensen

Portfolio Manager


  • Founder Investment Manager Muscovado Investment
  • Senior Sales Trader, Nordea
  • Partner and co-founder Sirius Kapitalforvaltning
  • Senior Clien Advisor Carnegie
  • Senior Sales Trader SEB

Competitive, business-oriented, and pragmatic investment professional with strong analytical and problem solving abilities, motivated by complex and challenging tasks, with high level of personal drive, always encouraged by generating results for clients and employer.

No-nonsense communicator with ability to engage and motivate co-workers, create focus on common responsibilities and goals while boosting corporate spirit.

Attentive logic thinker enthused by optimisation and simplification, maximum utilisation of resources, and positive results.

Reliable, calm and dedicated individual, with structured and methodical working approach, highly respected for skills and professionalism, constantly striving for high standards.

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